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My name is Jamie, and I joined Fridays for Future in May, 2019. I had been feeling a need to take action on climate change for about a year prior, and have been concerned about it my whole life. Seeing Greta's school strikes, and then attending Nelson's first strike in March gave me the inspiration to be involved myself. I am currently working with our local group as a lead organizer, as well as being a co-founder of Stop Ecocide Canada. These two groups now collaborate a great deal, with one of FFF's goals being to make ecocide an international crime. In addition to my role in FFF, I act as our voting representative in the national organization, Climate Strike Canada.



My name is Ginger Osecki and I am a student at LVR high school. I joined Fridays for Future in 2020 and had been involved in climate action prior to then. I felt the need to take action and fight the climate emergency to ensure a healthy environment for future generations. My sister Jade and other climate activists inspire me to keep striking and fighting for our earth.



My name is Oscar Hunter, and I am 17. I am involved with Fridays For Future because I feel that it is something I can and must do to fight climate change and ensure that my generation has a livable future. I first got involved in September 2019 and have since played organizational rolls in many of the strikes.



The climate crisis has always been a looming presence in my life, however I became active in organizing, protesting, and lobbying for change when I was 16. In the spring of 2019 I became aware of Fridays For Future, and I joined the local group which my friend Alyssa had started. What makes this group so meaningful to me is the passion, perseverance, and wisdom held by each and every other youth striker in this group. Youth voices are fundamentally shifting our broken relationships with each other and the land here in the West Kootenays, and that is cause for infinite hope.



Hello, my name is Michael and I got started in Fridays for Future Nelson after I came to the first strike back in 2019. I found it very interesting and when I got the opportunity to become a part of the movement I jumped on it and ever since I've loved being a part of it.



Hi. I’m Mason, I’m 15, and I’m involved with Fridays For Future because I feel Climate Change is a huge issue that not enough people are taking seriously, at least not to the degree it should be taken. I joined Fridays For Future in 2019 , and I have helped organize multiple strikes since then.